Driver Privacy Statement

Terms and Conditions of Use for Drivers

By using Cashless Transport LLC as a mobile application for your transportation services, you have agreed to abide by the following rules and regulations: 

a) You understand that Cashless Transport LLC is a rideshare mobile application that links a driver with an individual customer for a sole purpose of providing a transportation service. The driver is not in anyway an employee of Cashless Transport LLC but rather an independent contractor who uses his or her own car  with the help of our technological platform to provide transportation service to those who need them. Hence, the relationship between the company and the driver should not be in anyway construed as an employer-employee relationship  but rather as a relationship between two independent entities that have mutual interest of providing transportation services to the members of our society.

b) You agreed  and understand that  whenever a customer uses  our platform to request a ride, you have the option of accepting or declining the request. However, whenever you accept a ride request, you are responsible for making sure you have the right pick up and drop off address. Likewise, your are responsible for making sure you slide the start ride bar so that the right fare amount is calculated and so that you get paid for the transportation service that  you offered to the customer. Under no any circumstances, should a driver leave the meter running after dropping off the customer to avoid an unnecessary charges to the customers. Any driver involved in fradualent activity of over charging customers will be barred from the platform for life and will be forced to pay the fradualent amount he or she charges the customer.

c) In the same token, the driver under no any circumstances need to hold a customer hostage, nor engage in any physical fight  or verbal altercation with a customer who refuses to pay or is very abusive  but rather should report the customer to the platform or to any local law enforcement official for appropriate action.

e) You have  also agreed not to use someone's identity or photo to create a fake profile on our site or mobile application. Any infringement will result in an immediate removal from our site or mobile application and as well as possible prosecution as deemed appropriate by a court of law.

c) You have also agreed to abide by all the applicable federal and state laws that govern individual behaviors in public and private space. Most importantly, you agreed not to intimidate or harass  anyone who  uses this mobile platform based on their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance and so forth but rather you will treat them with respect and dignity. Any disparaging remarks or deviations in any shape or manner from this obligation will definitely result in an immediate termination of your membership and reporting of the individual offender to the local authority.

d) You understand and acknowledge that you are responsible for carrying a full coverage insurance on your car at all times and Cashless Transport LLC commercial insurance will commence when you accept a call and you are enroute to picking a customer, while transporting the customer, and will terminate once you drop off the customer.

e) You understand and acknowledge that, contrarily to the most common belief, we are not interested in taking away business from you, the existing local independent contractors, but rather we would like to partner with you by providing you with free access to our technological infrastructure and platform to increase your customers' outreach and improve delivery of transportation services to them. We believe that by blending a traditional transportation module with a modern technological approach is the future of modern mobility.

Therefore, Cashless Transport LLC acts as a liaison between  you, the drivers, and the passengers through the provision of its technological infrastructure that allows passengers to book transportation service with local transportation providers through the use of their mobile phones.